Monday, May 21, 2007

Whistling in the Dark...

I've never met Lesley Kagen, although we share the same publisher and her author photo was inadvertently added to the ARC of my novel, The Penny Tree last summer in error -- something we've laughed about via email.

Whistling in the Dark is Lesley's debut novel (great cover, huh?). It was selected as a Book Sense Pick for May and a Featured Alternate by Double Day Book Club, The Mystery Guild and The Literary Guild. Click here to check out her website.

Below is a brief description of the book, followed by an author blurb that mirrors my opinion and will hopefully sway yours enough that you'll rush out and buy it:

It was the summer on Vliet Street we all started locking our doors... Sally O'Malley made a promise to her daddy before he died. She swore she'd look after her sister, Troo. Keep her safe. But like her Granny always said—actions speak louder than words. Sally would have to agree with her. Because during the summer of 1959, the girls' mother is hospitalized, their stepfather has abandoned them for a six pack, and their big sister, Nell, who was left strict instructions to take care of the girls, is too busy making out with her boyfriend to notice that her charges are on the loose. And so is a murderer and molester.

Highly imaginative Sally is pretty sure of two things. Who the killer is. And that she's next on his list. If nobody will believe her, she has no choice but to protect herself and Troo as best she can, relying on her own courage and the kindness of her neighbors.

Funny, wise and uplifting, Whistling in the Dark is the story of two tough and endearing little girls...and of a time not so long ago, when life was not as innocent as it appeared.

"Bittersweet and beautifully rendered, Whistling in the Dark is the story of two young sisters and a summer jam-packed with disillusionment and discovery. With the unrelenting optimism that only children could bring to such a situation, these girls triumph. So does Kagen. Whistling in the Dark shines.
Don't miss it." — Sara Gruen, New York Times bestselling
author of Water for Elephants


Dianne in Lethbridge said...

I love the cover and the book sounds intriguing. Txs for pointing it out. I've added it to my summer reading list

Dianne in Lethbridge

Kyla-dale said...

OMG, I read this book last week.
How cool is that?!!!

It really is a good story. I love the author's voice and fell in love with Troo :-)

(I didn't notice you have the smae publisher though)

Larramie said...

Troo... The character's name alone would have hooked me. Thank you, Holly.

Kate B said...

That book sounds amazing. I'm still trying to find bits and peices of time to finish The Penny Tree. I might get it done before your next book comes out. I dunno how you get anything done with 2 boys at home.
But it's on my list.

Melissa Marsh said...

Sounds like a great story. And yes, the cover is wonderful!

wordman17 said...

Maybe I'll pick this one up for my sister's bday in June. It SOUNDS great, so I'll take your word.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out, Holly! Hugs, Lesley

Kim Stagliano said...

WOW. And yes, the cover is great.

Holly Kennedy said...

Dianne -- I have no doubt you'll enjoy it.

Kyla-dale -- That's hilarious. Wasn't it a good story?

Larramie -- I know what you mean. I LOVE the name Troo. Wish I'd thought it up!

Kate b - The boys are getting older so it's easier than when they were toddlers, but I still struggle with fitting my writing in without constant interruptions.

Melissa and Wordman17 -- I really liked the story, but I also find stories told from a kid's POV intriguing. ie., I loved the book EMMA AND ME as well.

Lesley - you are entirely welcome!

Kim, thanks for popping by :)
How goes things with the retitling of your WIP?

Rhia-Howard said...

I saw this book at Borders the other day and ALMOST bought it, but I already had four :(

Now I'm gonna have to!

Rhia Howard (Dallas)

spyscribbler said...

That's one of those covers and titles that sells the book. If I saw that in the store, I'd buy it automatically.

I have no idea why, though! One of those things.

mcewen said...

I was going to ask a question, but your comments have given me the answer I need.

ORION said...

I feel like my comments would get to Holly faster if I mailed them as apposed to trying variable internet from the wilds of Norway!
I also discovered that books in books stores here are in Norwegian...
I have leslie's book waiting for me from amazon at home!

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh, I'm not retitling now. One Kat. Two Lives. That's it until/unless an editor says "Not so much, Kim." My protag loves jelly donuts - they are a running theme in the book and I had wanted to call it "Jelly Donut Jam" -- nixed FAST by my agent! LOL! Titles are so darn hard! And since the protag is named "Kat" (Katherine Ann Theresa Cavicchio, I tried "Kat's Amore!" but I guess I'm the only person under 65 who still loves Dean Martin's music!