Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Win your own silver compass plus an autographed copy of the book

Four contests will be held between now and April 1st of 2008 when my third novel, The Silver Compass, is published.

Monthly contests will be posted on my blog in Dec, Jan, Feb, and March, with draws held at the end of
each month.

Here's a snapshot of the compass, the book, and below are the rules:

1. Anyone can enter.

2. One entry will be allowed per
person per month.

3. Enter by sending an email to holly@hollykennedy.com including your full name and an email address where you can be contacted.

Because we lose a week at Christmas, this blog post is the announcement for December's contest. Entries can be made between now and Dec 30th and the draw will be held on Dec 31st. Good luck everyone!


ORION said...

Oh!!!! I want one!!!!!

The Anti-Wife said...

Me too!

*rushing off to e-mail*

Adam said...

*eyes widen*
Really like that compass!
Note to self: send in entry on the first of each month!!!! I'm in.

Victoria said...

The compass, I mean. The book
looks slick and inviting and my fingers are itching to get my hands on it to read it. Does the December winner get their package in early January then??!!!!!

wordman17 said...

I'm so there for you.
Email on the way!

Ramona said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ramona said...

I just sent you my email
for December. I can't wait to
read the book but that lil compass would be hard to pass up :)

Chumplet said...

I did it! But I never win anything.

kyla-dale said...

Oook! (new word for me; my niece says it when she's excited about something) I'll enter FOR SURE. Pick me, pick me, pick me...

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the contest, but I just stopped here for the first time and I'm now absolutely in love with your dog! What kind of dog is it?

Holly Kennedy said...

Victoria -- Sorry, December's winner won't get his/her package in Jan as I won't have copies of the book then. However, all four winners will get their packages (including the compass + the book) mid-March, weeks before The Silver Compass hits book stores.

Anonymous -- Thanks for popping by! My dog is a Newfoundland. He's shown on the sidebar, but there are also snapshots of him in a post from last month. If you haven't already, scroll down and take a peek.

He's HUGE, but terrified of everything. He has webbed feet, btw. Newfoundlands are bred as water rescue dogs, so each time one of my kids jumps in a lake and splashes around... off he goes, dragging them back to shore by their pants! When I walk him, most people either run up and hug him or cross the street, looking worried.

Nadine said...

I'd LOVE a copy of your book early. I've already marked my calendar for April, but I could also do with one of those compasses!! How small is it? Will it fit on a key ring?

Demon Hunter said...

Ooh, did someone say contest? I'll be entering when I get home. Cool, Holly.

wanda said...

I'm entering.
And so is my husband, whether he wants to or not!

Trish Ryan said...

What a fun idea! Is it too early to send my info? You'll remind us, right???

I get lost all the time here in Cambridge, even though I've lived here for 7 years...does needing a compass help my chances?

Oh, and your cover is gorgeous!!!

emma said...

Hi Holly,
When you said "anyone", did you mean anyone in this world? Can somebody from Stockholm (like me) enter this?


Holly Kennedy said...

kuEmma - of course you can!
I would be thrilled to have you enter. And, yes, I did mean anyone in the world. Go for it!

Holly Kennedy said...

Don't know WHAT happened with my keyboard above, Emma.
Sorry about that!

Larramie said...

Four months and counting down!

Anonymous said...

i love a silver compass to go with
the golden compass...thanks for the