Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Remember your trash man at Christmas!

Every year at Christmas I buy something for the trash guys who pick up our garbage. Then, on the last garbage day before the holidays, my boys run a brightly wrapped package out to the road in the morning and set it on top the garbage can with a card that says, Merry Christmas!

When the truck pulls up, we peek outside to watch their reaction. Because different companies win the contract each year it's never the same crew, although there are some things that never change.

For instance, the look on my kids' faces as they recognize (without being told) that they are showing respect where respect is due. And then there's the trash man when he grabs the parcel and turns it this way and that, frowning a little before a smile slowly begins to creep across his face.

Yesterday, I left a list on my desk of gifts I had yet to buy and when my kids got home from school one of them must have read it, because last night I noticed someone had scribbled, Mom, don't forget the trash man! at the bottom of the list.


Kim Stagliano said...

I love that! I too get a goodie for the trash men. Rain, heat (maggoty things) ice, snow - they are out there. I usually do a food gift. I have a freezer full of chocolate ganache brownies with caramel and toffee of peppermint bark or sprinkles all cut and waiting to go onto plates for friends and people who make our lives easier. Like the trash men. I love that Francine Frenksy from the TV show on PBS Arthur's Dad is a trash man. And damn proud of it. Sometimes I write trash. Does that count?

Adam said...

Crap. I've never thought of our trash guy at Xmas. Yah've got me feeling like a bag of dirt, so I guess I'd better leave them a six-pack-a beer this year.

kyla-dale said...

My Grams used to do this!
I'm in a high rise and dump my garbage down a shaft so I'm not sure who I'd give a gift to. Would hate ta throw it down the shaft and think no one got it.

Chumplet said...

My neighbour leaves them a case of beer when he has an especially large load of trash.

Ramona said...

I've never thought about doing something like this but I think it's nice that you do (and it's obviously a great thing to teach your kids).

Nadine said...

Eeek! My list get longer every day and my pocketbook is almost empty. Can't forget my son's teacher, his school bus driver, his babysitter, my assistant at work, the newpaper delivery kid.... and now the trash guy. Fair enuff

wordman17 said...

Valid point.
Those guys have
shitty jobs *lol*

Melissa Marsh said...

How incredibly sweet your children (and you!) are!

ORION said...

I don't have a trash man...I wish I did.
I have two cats.
Does that count?