Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring break balancing act

It's spring break, the kids are out of school, and my husband is away on business until Friday night (seems suspiciously convenient, don't you think?)

So far, I've spent three days juggling promotional details for the novel I have coming out next week (yes, The Silver Compass hits book stores Tuesday) along with my kids and a steady flow of interruptions...

First there was an hour-long argument where my youngest swore he saw his brother cheating at Monopoly. "Where are your ethnics!?" he kept screaming. "Where's your confidence?!" (To clarify, he meant ethics and conscience, both often discussed in our home.)

Then, on Tuesday, my oldest (with a straight face and seemingly 100% serious) asked why I don't run a daycare from our home during the summer months? My response? Something along the lines of, Are you out of your tiny little mind?!

Yesterday, I took them for haircuts, and my youngest suddenly became a wall, refusing to let anyone touch his head with scissors & demanding to know why(loudly) I can't just accept him for who he is?!

Of course, all this rattled the hairdresser so badly that she gave me the worst haircut I've had in years... I'm talking such a hack job here that as we exited that spring-break-infested hair salon, my oldest turned to me, grimaced, and said, "It's not too bad, Mom. Just don't show anyone the back of your head when you're promoting your new book."


Adam said...

I don't know why women worry so much about their hair! Chill. It'll grow back.

Anonymous said...

Being the mother of two (nearly-grown) boys myself, I laughed myself silly when I read this post. I can completely relate. Oh yeah, and let me know if you want to borrow a hat when your tour reaches A-Town. :-)


Victoria said...

*LOL* I spit up my coffee when I read about the ETHNICS and the CONFIDENCE. Isn't he too funny that little guy of yours?

And oh, my, your lovely hair?!
I do hope it's not too bad.

Janet said...

Was this your regular hairdresser?

Adam, I tend to agree with you, but sometimes showing yourself in public while it grows back is hard on the ego.

There was the time when my kids actively debated whether I looked more like a grannie or a clown... Not too tight I had told the hairdresser. There is a reason I have forsworn perms for the rest of my life.

Holly, can it be saved by a better hairdresser?

Ramona said...

Hilarious! Made me giggle
like crazy at my desk this afternoon (not the haircut part, though) Sorry 'bout that!

kyla-dale said...

Ugh!! A bad haircut
right before your book
comes out? How upsetting!

The Anti-Wife said...

You're raising a future author there!

As for the haircut, had the same problem about 2 weeks ago. Went to someone new and she gave me a wedge - you know, one of those things where you hair is way too short in back and longer in front. At my age it made me look like a dog with long ears. A second cut saved the first hairdresser from certain death, but now my hair is way too short for my liking. I just keep repeating, "It'll grow back. It'll grow back."

Nadine said...

Bummer. I used to hate
spring break cause my parents
could never get time off work
and that meant we never
went anywhere :)

wordman17 said...

I'm surrounded by
bad haircuts where I'm
now working. You'll get
used to it!!

ORION said...

I can vouch for Holly's sons saying the darndest things!!
Although when I was there they were IMPECCABLY behaved- I saw absolutely no cheating and their ETHNICS appeared completely Canadian...

Larramie said...

Just love your sons' sense of good moral values and strong convictions, particularly with regard to your hair! *G*

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh Holly! Your kids are the funniest creatures on the earth. I love them. Yeah, get right on that daycare center idea, won't you?

Our spring break is in two weeks. I already dread the down time!

Good luck with the launch next week!

Mystery Robin said...

Those boys sound like a riot!! Really, why not a daycare center? While you promote your book and write the next one and grow out your hair? How hard could it really be?! ;)

Travis Erwin said...

I'm sure your hair isn't as bad as you or your kids think, but even if it is hair grows back.

Chumplet said...

Next time your son gets his mords wixed up, just call him Archie Bunker.

My grandmother once said Forrest Tucker's name, mixing up the first letters. My mom kept making her repeat it, laughing all the while.

Remind me not to get a makeover just before my next book comes out. Not that anybody will actually see me, of course...

ChristineEldin said...

Gotta love them!
That last line is hysterical!!

spyscribbler said...

ROFLMAO! Oh, man, that's hilarious! Yeah, mom, can't you just accept your boy the way he is???

On Easter Sunday I had this irrepressible urge to cut my hair off. I just had to. Unfortunately, everyone was closed. And I couldn't resist.

So I bet the back of your head looks a heck of a lot better than the back of mine!