Thursday, April 9, 2009

Writing can feel like this (parenting, too)

Metaphorically, I've been busy attempting to thread needles, both with my writing and parenting -- neither an easy task.

Often, I'll spend hours working on a scene and no matter what I put on the page I'm not happy with it. When this happens, I'll put it away and move on to a different scene (time and distance can be remarkable tools). However, there are also times when I'll push back my chair and simply ... stop, knowing that I've accomplished what I'd hoped to and that tinkering with it won't make it any better. And of course it's these moments that make all the long hours worthwhile, moments akin to successfully threading a needle. In the dark. With your hands shaking from lack of sleep.

Dramatic metaphor aside (because writing is hard and I feel it's only fair to represent it that way) I did manage to write two needle-and-thread scenes this week that saved me from deleting four others that have been frustrating me.

Similarly, the ups and downs continue on the parenting front... Like my youngest, who volunteered me for a field trip without my knowledge, tracing my signature off a writing contract (a shout-out for attention, don't you think?).

And then there's my 12 yr old who, for the first time (and I'm sure it won't be the last) yelled, "You don't understand me!" signalling the arrival of that slippery slide into a world filled with teen angst and miscommunication. The same kid who hugged me hours later and whispered, "You and me? Buddies for life," the way he used to when he was five and our days were often peppered with needle and thread moments.


ORION said...

Oh yeah...the old forge your name on a school slip trick...only my son did it for report card check and convinced me that the school wasn't doing grades anymore...who knew?

Wendy said...


I'm enjoying reading your blog. I'm going to look into your books (they seem like stuff I like)...I actually wrote about parenting/writing today, the effort and resolve it takes. Thanks for the telling analogy!

~ Wendy

Ramona said...

Your kids kill me. How's the writing going? I'm dying for a new Holly Kennedy book.

wordman17 said...

Hang on tight for the next 5 years or so because the ride into teen angst has just begun and will only get worse. I can attest to this having lived thru it myself.

Victoria said...

Needle-and-thread moments.
Love this!

Gonna go try to capture some of those for myself today.

Mystery Robin said...

So, are you going on the field trip? I love stories about your boys. Shenanigans are so much fun with such bright kids!

Adam said...

Forging his mom's signature?
At what age? 10?

Love the independent take-charge attitude!

Holly Kennedy said...

Orion -- it never gets old, huh?

Thanks for stopping by, Wendy.
I'll have to slip over and check out your parenting/writing notes and see how close we are!

Ramona -- you're a sweetheart.
I've been taking my time with this one, but I'm on chapter 30 so keep cheering me on please!

Holly Kennedy said...

Wordman17 -- I've been there, too, which is why I'm bracing for the future! I know what's a head...

Victoria -- I hope you found yourself a few :)

Mystery Robin -- it seems I have no choice. If I pass now they'll be short a volunteer and may have to cancel (groan)

Adam -- This is true. He could be a tentative, nervous wreck conformist and I'd hate that.

Patti said...

What a devious mind. Hope the needle threading keeps going well.

Anonymous said...

Me too, Me too1 I want another Holly kennedy book! I have all three sitting in my shelf, mocking me...
Romona, get all three, they are great reads!!
Hurry Holly, I am having withdrawals!!