Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The tug of a perfect love affair

Like many of you, we've had company over the last week. Lots of food and conversation, stories and catching up. Christmas morning, I felt a pinch inside watching my boys unwrap gifts that reflect how much they've grown, how fast they've gone from believing in Santa and unwrapping Batman action figures to getting a weight bench or a laptop as their one big gift. It's been great, yet through all of the noise and activity (skating, walks to the river, some of them running 7 km into town and the rest of us meeting them at a coffee shop) a restlessness began to take hold. My mind started to wander and I'd catch myself drifting away from what everyone else was saying.

Yesterday, my husband whispered, "You want to go work on your book, don't you?"

"Is it that obvious?" I asked, and he smiled and said, "To me it is."

Today, a group went snowboarding and won't be home until tomorrow. The rest left to visit relatives and won't return until Thursday. Which leaves me alone, at my desk, writing. And as I do, I realize now more than ever that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what I was meant to do -- which is what I wish for each of you in the year ahead, the perfect love affair between what you most desire and what you were meant to do.

Happy New Year readers, writers and bloggers!


Nadine said...

Here's hoping 2010 is your best year ever Ms. Holly. Your books are the best!

Karin D said...

Enjoy these years with your children, Holly, cause they sure do fly by quickly.

Have a wonderful 2010

Adam said...

Great photo on the post!
I'll toast you tonight and send good karma your way for your writing in 2010

Victoria said...

I'm stepping outta my comfort zone to try painting this year.

Wish me luck!!!

Dianna said...

Happy holidaze Mizz Holly!
We're all wishing you and Rick a much healthier (and therefore less stressful) year than 2009 was. So good to hear things are better!


ORION said...

A perfect post!
Much aloha from Hawaii

Anonymous said...

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