Thursday, June 26, 2008

Countdown to Boston

Today was the last day of school and for me that means a few things... Until my kids go back in Sept my writing will grind to a slow crawl, my house will turn into a daycare of sorts, and my refereeing skills will require sharpening.

It also means we're heading into Canada Day weekend, a time when everyone regroups and celebrates with the usual requisite parade, pancake breakfast, etc. Last of all, it means I'm only 19 days away from flying to Boston (sans kids) where I get to spend 4 days wandering around the Boston Common (sans kids) and the Public Garden (did I say sans kids?!) where my next novel is set. Insert an enthusiastic *whoop* right about here!


laughingwolf said...

been there, done that... the kids' thing, that is, my youngest is now 23 [dang, i'm OLD! lol]

have fun in boston [sans kids], and happy canada day, tuesday, eh?

Larramie said...

"Sans kids" = catchy phrase, especially for a real vacation.

ORION said...

"Summer!!!! Yeah!!!!"
I can hear all the kids yell.
"Oh noooooo. Heeeeelp meeee!"
The parents cry.

But Boston! have a great time there and tell us all about it.

Adam said...

Enjoy Canada Day and have
a blast in Boston. You've
earned a break!

kyla-dale said...

Those 'sans kids' vacations
are just the best aren't they???

Nadine said...

Sounds like you're
keying up for a good
few days off!

Can't say I blame yah.
Wish it were me!

Sustenance Scout said...

Catching up here, Holly, and moving The First Five Pages to the top of my TBR list. Happy Canada Day coming up! And enjoy that countdown to Boston...!

Chumplet said...

Whoop for you, Baby! My dad drove us around Boston when we were kids and got "Lostin Boston" on all those turnpikes. Hee hee...

My kids are old enough to ignore during the summer, except for chauffeuring them to jobs, therefore I might get some writing done.

Canada Day is special for me because the e-release of Bad Ice is on July 1st. How appropriate for a hockey romance. Maybe I should do a Canada Day Trivia Contest?

dar:) said...

i am a working mom of 2. my favorite hobby is reading. i read mostly every day. (while husband channel surfs, lol) i picked up "the tin box" yesterday & just finished it. (between cooking, cleaning, etc.)without a doubt, it is ONE OF THE VERY BEST books i have ever read! i just ordered the penny tree & the silver compass online. are there any more of these stories i should know about? whatever you do, keep on writing! (between doing all of the other important mom stuff!)
enjoy boston!

Trish Ryan said...

Your next book is set in Boston!?! Woo hoo!!! I am way too excited about this. You could have your characters buy Celtics jerseys, since they just won their first NBA championship in about a million years. And they could ride duck boats, and sail on the Charles...

Okay I'll stop now :)
Hope you and your characters have a great time here in our city!

Mia King said...

Whoop whoop!

We love our kids but it sure is nice to get some space. Have a great time in Boston - it's one of my favorite places!