Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finding your rope swing

Growing up, we had a big old rope swing in our neighborhood. It wasn't on anyone's property. It was tied to the branch of a huge tree on the side of a steep hill overlooking our neighborhood, and that meant it was fair game for anyone to use.

And use it we did.
The rope swing was revered by kids of all ages, whether six or sixteen. I was never 100% sure why, although I get it now. It didn't take a lot of skill to grab that rope, back yourself up, and run full-tilt to the jumping off point where you'd go airborne. Anyone could do it. Matter of fact, I recall a few parents giving it a good go, too.

Of course, it was the airborne part everyone loved, that feels-so-good rush that came over you when you were in the air and all the planets seemed perfectly aligned, at least for a few seconds.

I have no doubt dancers get that same feeling when they're dancing, or gifted musicians when they lose themselves in a piece of music, or race car drivers when they cross the finish line and hear the crowd roar. I'm sure the same holds true for waitresses when someone leaves a big tip, or sales reps when they overshoot their monthly quota, or even IT technicians when they solve what seemed like an unsolvable problem.

On some level, I think we all look for those airborne moments while we're doing whatever it is that we do. For me, it happens most often when I write. What about you?


ian in hamburg said...

I get that feeling when I'm skiing really well, or warmed up and cycling fast, or when the ideas keep flowing while writing. It's a sweet spot to be in.

Victoria said...

*big confession*
It happens most often to me when I try a new recipe and it turns out like something Martha Stewart would showcase on TV!

laughingwolf said...

several times, best happened to me at the birth of my first child, again with two and three, but not quite as intense

wordman17 said...

Yah can't beat those rope swing moments! Mine happen when I'm at work and everythings goes well and everyone's turning to me with high fives and kudos.

Nadine said...

sounds embarassing but
this happens to me when I
go shopping and I buy an outfit that fits perfect.

I'm addicted, I know, but
what's a girl to do?!

ORION said...

Piloting my horse around a jumper course or sailing across the ocean. And yes...writing...It's that element of risk.

Wendy Roberts said...

Yes, it happens on those occasions when I'm writing and I know I've nailed a scene the first time. Great post :)

Travis Erwin said...

We had a community swing like that over the creek where I live, but lightning hit the tree it was tied to a few years ago and there wasn't another one sturdy enough near the spot where the water was deep enough to drop into.

Man is that a long sentence. Like you I do my flying on the page.

Anonymous said...

Great Blog!

it happens everytime one of my sons (grown and in the army) sends me some message or calls out of the blue and says something funny, loving, or the time the youngest was on a long road trip and i was missing him and worrying about him..and he texted "mom, i just sang all the words to Paradise by the dashboard lights"

He was only 20 but he was serious. And i laughed so hard i peed a little. (i was so tickled that i didn't even lecture about the long text while he was supposedly driving!)

Thank you for the fabulous blogs! I just wandered over here from the Orion... and i love your blogs so much that i'm going to amazon next, to order at least one of your books!!

~Dawn anon

Larramie said...

Savoring the moment, including memories of my swingy days.

Holly Kennedy said...

Ian in Hamburg -- how nice to have you pop by. My husband is a big cyclist (and runner and skiier) so I know he'd relate.

Victoria -- I envy you! I can't bake worth anything.

Laughingwolf -- OOoh, I missed mentioning that one! It happened to me with both of my kids, too.
Good one.

Wordman17 -- what is it that you do?

Nicole -- LOL -- I HATE shopping, which isn't necessarily a good thing, although I can see why you'd get a rush it. We all have our vices, eh?

Adam said...

My airborne moments
typically happen every
Friday night in the bar!

Holly Kennedy said...

Travis -- very long sentence!
I hope things are going well at your end.

Dawn Anon -- Thanks for taking the time to pop by. Love your story about your son. I would've laughed too!

kyla-dale said...

Here's something crazy.

My rope swing/airborne moments happen when all my bills are paid and I've got nuttin to worry about for another month *lol*

spyscribbler said...

Oh gosh, I had something but I forgot as soon as I saw kyla-dale's comment.

Isn't that the truth? Especially when I see I still have enough money for GAS!

laughingwolf said...


#1 just completed year one of her master's with an A average... proud papa, me!