Thursday, August 14, 2008

Help! I have sagging bookshelves

I have this rule. I only keep two copies of each of my novels (whether French, German, Greek, Danish, Italian, Large Print, Clean Living version, etc.) and still I'm finding it takes more bookshelf space than I have. Time for a few give-a-ways!

If you'd like a French copy of The Tin Box or The Penny Tree (or if you know someone who's French and would like to give them a treat) I'll autograph and mail a copy to the first person who sends me an email for each book.

I'm also giving away two English hardcovers of The Tin Box, one trade paperback of The Penny Tree, and two trade paperback copies of The Silver Compass. Oh, and if there's anyone out there who'd like a Danish copy of The Tin Box, I have one of those up for grabs as well.


Victoria said...

I just shot you an email!!!!
I would LOVE one of those copies of The Silver Compass to give to my sister.

Did I get my email in on time??

Aylene said...

Give-a-ways. Such a wonderful surprise and right up my alley!

Twice now I have visited
your blog and each time it gets better.

Ramona said...

I don't read French but if you don't get any takers for your Danish copy I'd love that one.
I have an aunt in Denmark.

Cindy said...

Yay, free stuff, what could be better. I sent you my email Holly, hope you got it, I've been having troubles with my email.

Trish Ryan said...

I would LOVE a copy of THE SILVER COMPASS to have for my very own! And a copy to of THE TIN BOX to give away on my website, if you'd like to promote your backlist?

Basically, I'd sign up for your grocery list in German. I dig the way you write :)

Adam said...

Hey -- I stop by here regularly, don't I? Me, mister tough guy and all that crap. So I think maybe I should get myself a copy of Silver Compass. I bought Tin Box and Penny Tree and my girfriend loved both of em but if I could hand her an autographed copy of Silver Compass I'd win major points.

Whaddya say??

maria said...

I sent you three emails.
Does that put me higher up
on the list?

laughingwolf said...

your other two i have, but still no 'tin box', so hope i'm not too late?