Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is any friendship worth this?

I'm not a gym person. If I'm going to work out, I'll do it at home, thanks, which is one reason why I can relate to this guy. Six months ago, I began using my treadmill and elliptical machines on a daily basis, and after averaging a combined 18 hrs/month on both, my treadmill started giving me major trouble.

The repairman and I are now on a first name basis (he's installed three new motors, an electrical board, a new belt) and now he has to replace the entire machine because apparently ours is a "commercial" Precor unit that requires the kind of wiring homes aren't typically equipped with vs. gyms (hence the burned out motors and other horrors.)

That said, take a look at this video clip. It's a commercial for a bank, but it's hilarious and has elements I relate to. My friendship with my treadmill hasn't been easy, either!



ORION said...

That is too funny.
I can recommend a natural method exerciser...

Adam said...

WINCE!!! As a guy I relate to the pain he would've been in, commerical or not.

Ramona said...

I spit up my coffee!!!!

Soooooo funny.
Thanks for the post.

Janet said...

LOL! And here I thought this post was going to be a heavy...

Katie Alender said...

My treadmill trick is to watch my iPod fall and hit the belt and go flying across the room.

I'm very talented.

We actually put ours outside, but then we started working out, so I think we're going to have to bring it back in. I'm sure it'll toss me through the air as punishment.

kyla-dale said...

Funny clip!

Good for you, making friends with your mean old treadmill.

Victoria said...

I've seen it before but it still makes me giggle.

I hate my treadmill. Hate, hate, hate it. Don't tell it, though! It's been so quiet I don't want to risk waking it up.

Nadine said...

I admire you. An avg of 18
hrs a month? You deserve a
high fiver.

laughingwolf said...

oh... OW! ;) lol

getting a 220-volt receptacle is no biggie, have one installed in the area, holly

Melissa Marsh said...

Hahahaha...classic! Love that commercial.

I used to go to Curves and loved it - no big muscle men or women in skimpy gym outfits. Just real women trying to get healthy and lose weight. Unfortunately, when I took a new job, there wasn't a Curves anywhere close to me and I had to drop my membership.

So now I walk my dog and work out at home. :-) (And not losing nearly enough weight as I did at Curves!)

laughingwolf said...

tin box arrived today, thx holly :)

guess who's gonna be reading this weekend? ;) lol