Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Best date I've had in years

My youngest is an avid reader, but my oldest has never shown an interest, which (as you might imagine) bothers me to no end. Over the years, I've tried everything. I've read to him, read with him, coaxed, cajoled and bought every kind of book you can imagine to lure him the wonders of a good story... but never with any luck.

At least, not until a week ago when a friend gave him a book he just couldn't put down. He finished it in three days and would not stop talking about it. Without prompting, he recounted the plot from start to finish (in mind-numbing detail) then told me all about the protagonist, the secondary characters and even a few of the walk-ons. He was brimming with enthusiasm, so much so that when I realized he'd been reading Book One of a nine book series, I drove into the city and bought him the next four!

Fast forward to today: My youngest is in a basketball camp this week with a buddy, so I decided to surprise my twelve-year-old and take him on a "date" to see the new Harry Potter movie, just the two of us. I told him last night and he was thrilled. Said he couldn't wait.

He was still in bed when I got up this morning (rare for him) and when I stuck my head in his room I found him reading Book Two ("I'm almost done," he said.) I made breakfast and while he ate, he read. On the 20 min drive into the city, he sat next to me in the passenger seat... reading. Then, for 30 mins while we waited for the film to begin in a semi-dark theatre, he used his iPod as a flashlight and continued to read.

He watched the movie, but as soon as we left the theatre and began driving home... out came the book again! He was still reading when his brother walked through the door after camp, and when his dad got home from work he only had 5 pages left. On his way to bed tonight he set Book Three on his nightstand for the morning. Then he gave me a hug, grinned and said, "Thanks for the movie, Mom. Best date I've had in years!"

What he said.


ORION said...

That is the best!!!! Tell him I wont be eaten by sharks yet

Victoria said...

What a nice date you had. And so wonderful to have your son reading like he's on fire. I know that passion!!!

kyla-dale said... this post.

I wish I could read in bed every morning instead of going to work.

Adam said...

You may kill me for saying this but I think your kid should've read straight thru the Harry Potter movie. I didn't like it at all, very dissappointed.

Holly Kennedy said...

Pat -- have a great 10-day sail across the ocean, btw!

Victoria -- That kind of passion (for reading) is truly THE BEST

Kyla-dale -- Nice to have you pop by. Hope your WIP is going well!

Adam -- I didn't prefer the ending, that's for sure. But the movie itself was all right. (I'm not a huge Harry Potter groupie)

Ramona said...

Great post!

I can still remember the first series of books I fell in love with as a teenager.

wordman17 said...

So what's he been reading,
your kid? Who wrote this series?

Nadine said...

Snazzy date, Ms. Kennedy!
Love the post. Hope your son keeps reading strong into his future.
Maybe tell him to read a few of yours?!

Patti said...

It's almost like magic when your kid discovers a book. It makes my heart melt.

Holly Kennedy said...

Wordman17 -- he's reading Darrel Shan's Demonata series, which isn't my kind of stuff but he loves it, as do all his teenage friends. It's fantasy/horror about some other world with werewolves, etc.

Holly Kennedy said...

I agree, Patti -- it does melt the heart. He's now finished 4 of them and I ordered him 4 more for when he returns from camp in a week :)

SharonK said...

Awww... it just goes to show, it only takes one good book!

I had a date with my son last night too, rare now that he's almost 23!