Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hawaii bound for writing inspiration

It's impossible not be inspired when attending the Hawaii Writers Retreat & Conference. Not only are you in Hawaii, which screams relaxation, you're also surrounded by like-minded writers.

This year, I'll be spending time with good friend and fellow author, Jacquelyn Mitchard, whose sequel to the #1 New York Times bestseller The Deep End of the Ocean comes out Sept 15th. (The Deep End of the Ocean was the novel Oprah chose to launch her book club years ago, remember?) Jackie's sequel is titled No Time to Wave Goodbye. If you haven't pre-ordered a copy, do so now.

I'll also be presenting at the conference with fellow author Patricia Wood, whose debut novel Lottery was short-listed for the Orange Prize and has been sold in so many countries I've lost count.

Oh, and of course I'll be writing, putting the finishing touches on my 4th novel so I can hand it over to my agent and have her sell it sometime this fall. So... if you're a writer, what are you waiting for? Flights are cheap right now. Sign up and come join us in Hawaii. You won't regret it!


Victoria said...

This sounds wonderful!
I wish I could fly out and join you creative writers but I've zippo vacation days left

Shakti Carola Navran said...

Dear Holly,
I like your blog! I am kind of sad that the writer's conference is now on Oahu because I am on Maui... it is just such a bigger expense with hotel and all...
I would be more interested in the marketing and self- publishing end of the book business then inspiration for the writing...
My publishing experience has not been too good. So next one I like to publish myself. Aloha Shakti.

ORION said...

Be there or be square!
I always get charged up for this each year- I'm just the opposite as Shakti - to me having it in Waikiki is much more affordable!

Ramona said...

I couldn't write my way out
of a paper bag but I'd give anything to come see all that creativity at work. Wish I had some extra cash tucked away *sigh*

kyla-dale said...

I hope you have a great
time in Hawaii. I would luv to meet you in person and get my books signed, but alas I must work my butt off while you author-types kick back (kidding!!!!)

Adam said...

Have a good solid double shot of vodka for me when yer there.
It'll help the writing,
hands down!

wordman17 said...

I wouldn't mind some beach time like that. Maybe I could come and do some typing for you?!! lol

Nadine said...

This sounds fantastic!

What a terrific respite away from everything. I hope you get lots of writing done.

Holly Kennedy said...

Shakti Carola -- Thanks for stopping by.

The conference covers a lot about marketing and the self-publishing side of the business. I'm sorry your publishing experience hasn't been so good. Sadly, there are many stories like this but don't get disillusioned --- keep trying and hopefully it'll all work out for you :)

Holly Kennedy said...

Thanks for all your kind and encouraging words, everyone else!

It really is a great retreat and conference, and the perfect way for an author to "refuel" and connect with like-minded