Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Book seller with a hook...

I just had to blog this...
If you pop by here often, you know that The Penny Tree will be out across Canada and the U.S. in 12 days on April 3rd. Of course, to promote it, I have a list of requisite readings set up, although some aren't being held in book stores. Instead, they've been scheduled at community clubs, a seniors centre, even a coffee shop.

That said, my editor made the comment that I must have books for sale at these readings, too; that I can't depend on everyone to purchase the book in advance. But here's the dilemna: my husband will be traveling and I have no one to sell the books while I read and talk to those who've so kindly taken the time
to come out and see me.

Fast forward to last night: My ten year old comes downstairs and says, "Close your eyes." When I open them, he's standing there holding a metal cash box and a decorative sign that say Holly Kennedy's Books For Sale. Grinning, he explained that he wants to sell my books, reminding me how good he is at math before I can object and quickly pointing out how he has to
drive around to all of these readings with me anyhow.

"Please let me, Mom!"

Quizzing him, I asked how much change he'd give if someone bought one book and gave him a twenty dollar bill; how much if they bought two and gave him forty. "And when you hand them their book," I prompted, "What would you say?" I was thinking of his manners here, looking for a "Thank You" but after pausing to think about it, this is what he said: "I'd tell them to take good care of that book cause my mom's gonna be famous some day!"

So... if you come out to one of my readings that isn't hosted by a book store, please watch for the blue-eyed, charismatic ten year old at the back of the room, selling books!


ORION said...

Can I hire him to help me sell MY book?
Holly I think you have an amazing budding entrepreneur there!
Oh and I LOVE the photo!

Melissa Marsh said...

Wow. He sounds like such a precious little guy! (Although probably not so little anymore at the age of 10!).

Shanna Thompson said...

Hi Holly, I'm tagging you to answer the meme "To Whom Am I Blogging?" I've already answered

L.C.McCabe said...


I would also recommend having a box or two of your books with you when you go to bookstore events.

That is just in case they do not get their shipment, or underestimated how many they should have on hand.

It is better to be prepared and not need them, than to slap your forehead and think of the boxes you have at home that you could have brought.

A tip from a former B&N bookseller who remembers vividly the panic shown by our events coordinator a day or two before a signing if the books hadn't been received yet.

Good luck on your launch!


wordman17 said...

Great picture! Your kid sounds gutsy. I never woulda done somethin' like that when I
was ten -- waaaaay too shy.

Good luck with your readings!
A fan from Texas

kyla-dale said...

I don't envy yew!
If I had to do a buncha readings I'd be breaking out in nervous hives, quickly followed by stuttering, followed by loss of reputation and publishing contract... Lets hope I don't ever get asked to done one, huh?!! :(

Wendy Roberts said...

Wow your son sounds awesome! I brought a couple of my kids to a signing once but it didn't work out too well. I was too distracted worrying they were going to start scrapping any minute LOL.

Linda brings up a great point. Always, always have some books with you. Even when they SAY they'll have them, things can and do go wrong!

Heidi the Hick said...

You must be gushing with pride for that kid!!

It sounds like a fun way for him to spend the evening. Think of all the confidence he'll gain. And plus, he gets to see his mother doing what she loves and what she's good at. A real win-win for all!