Thursday, March 22, 2007

Friends in high places...

A few years ago, I met and became friends with Jacquelyn Mitchard, an Oprah author and accomplished New York Times bestseller. (By the way, check out her latest novel, a YA hit released earlier this month titled Now You See Her; a story about a teenage girl who fakes her own abduction -- or does she?)

This is what Kirkus Reviews had to say about it: "With plenty of kid speak and pop-culture references, this melodrama steeped in our celebrity culture should fly off the shelves."

Since meeting Jackie, she's been a big supporter of my work, kindly offering a hand where she can as I build my career. Pasted below is her latest Amazon blog post promoting The Penny Tree:

COMING SOON, 'The Penny Tree'

It's not often that I hear a genuine, strong assured voice at a writer's conference. But that happened two years ago, when Holly Kennedy, already a published writer, was a student of mine. There was little, however, I could teach her. But her humility, despite having had a starred review just that week in Publisher's Weekly, is part of what makes Holly who she is.

Holly's work plays the heartstrings like a mandolin. She's been called the new Nicholas Sparks and been compared with Sue Monk Kidd, among others. Her stories are deceptively simple. They touch something deep. Holly's writing is absolutely honest and absolutely true to her view of life, which is tender, filled with sentiment but not sentimentality and utterly hopeful.

'The Penny Tree' debuts in just days.

Read and love it.

Find a new writer whose career is sure to rise like a spring moon.

Jacquelyn Mitchard


Karen said...

Hi Holly,
OMG she's comparing you to Nicholas Sparks...he's one of my favorite authors (behind you of course!!!) :O)
I'm so happy for you Holly


ORION said...

This is great holly! And I can vouch for the fact that jackie is a terrific teacher at the Maui writers retreat and conference and really supports her students.

Heidi the Hick said...

Does anyone else think that these ladies kind of look alike?

(WOW what a boost for you!!!! Her latest is on my Must Read list!)

kyla-dale said...

Amazing endorsement, HK!!!

Didn't Kristin Hannah and Susan Wiggs endorse Penny Tree too?! Looks like yew've got a tight circle of friends backing yew and that sez something right there.

Nicholas Sparks move over!!!!!!

Friend from a-town said...

Hi from A-town, Holly :))

Nicholas Sparks?! Sue Monk Kidd?!! Those are *perfect* comparisons. Your stuff always makes me cry at some point. I luv your stories!

See you in April, kiddo

Anissa said...

That rocks, Holly! Her high praise is well deserved. And I second it--am loving The Tin Box. :)

Anonymous said...

Well deserved, I'm sure!

Congrats on everything!

Therese said...

Well-earned praise, Holly, and what a treat!

You have good karma. :)

Holly Kennedy said...

Karen- nice to have you posting a comment instead of being so shy! :) See you in Winnipeg at the reading!

Heidi - you always make me smile!
Yes, I guess in these two shots we do look a little alike, huh?

Yes, Kyla-dale, Susan and Kristin have endorsed THE PENNY TREE. I feel so fortunate!

A-town friend - saying anything I wrote choked you up or made you cry is a huge compliment :)

Anissa -- Txs for buying The Tin Box. I hope you enjoy it.

Seeley -- love your blog, btw :)

Therese -- one can never have enough good karma. Let's hope it sticks around for me!

wordman17 said...

Being hand-picked by someone like J.Mitchard is the equivalent to me having Grisham invite me for coffee. CONGRATS from Texas
and the man of words :))

Melissa Marsh said...

WOW. That must have made you feel like you were flying after you read it! You are blessed to have such wonderful friends and supporters. :)

Kristy said...

NO surprise to me, Holly! But then, these successful folk don't support people who don't earn it. The Penny Tree will fly off the shelves too!

Patry Francis said...

I'd been meaning to pre-order, but Jackie's blog convinced me. Off to Amazon I go...Congrats, Holly. The novel sounds amazing.

old instructor from W-peg said...

Hol, this is so incredibly cool!
I can't wait to read Penny Tree and then the next one and the next.

Move over Nicholas Sparks and Sue Monk Kidd. My buddy Hol is gonna need some room on your ultra-famous writers bench very soon!!!!

M. G. Tarquini said...

This is wonderful.