Sunday, June 24, 2007

New York all wrapped up...

What a great trip! For five days, we had good food & entertaintainment (two, count 'em, two broadway plays), lots of laughs, and the company of other like-minded writers. What more can a reclusive author who works in cave-like conditions ask for for every now and then, huh? I feel re-energized! The shot above is Pat Wood (mid-search for the 'perfect' cheese cake) and John Elder Robison, author of Look Me In The Eye. John met us at Strand Book store one day and for the lunch with
Kim Stagliano the next.

Here's a shot of Kim with Pat.
Kim's agent will be shopping her debut novel soon and I've no doubt it'll get picked up fast. Kim is this little dynamo of a woman, a writer who's also a mom extraordinaire to three beautiful autistic daughters.
I was left humbled by all that she manages to juggle.

John Elder Robison was warm, charming, and instantly likeable without an ounce of arrogance. He took a group shot of us in Central Park (don't forget to email it to us, John) and I not only got my own ARC of Look Me In The Eye, *big smile* but he gave us each autographed 11 x 14 copies of photos he personally took. Talk about multi-talented. This man has an amazing eye with the camera.

Wicked was just that; a great play, delivered with the sort of talent that leaves you shaking your head. I'm so glad Pat talked me into seeing two Broadway plays while I was there. Now I can't imagine returning to New York and not taking one in. And that, folks, pretty much wraps it up until we head back next spring in April or May 2008. See
yah then New York!


wordman17 said...

Sounds like a busy week!

I envy you. If I were going to
New York to meet my agent (not that I have one YET) or editor (ditto) I think I'd wanna go with another author, too.

Kim Stagliano said...

Holly - what fun! I loved hearing about your next book - amazing story coming, people! Our little brainstorm session is now a tornado in my head. Trouble's coming to town for Kat!

You and Pat are like... like... Abbott and Costello! Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza! Cheaper than a Broadway show and just as much fun to watch.

Venture East again soon!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for that lottery ticket!

kyla-dale said...

I was in Dallas for a week
at a conference with work and
when I got back and saw all you and your friend did in New York, I was envious.

Lucky lucky girls!
Two broadway plays in one week. I could never swing it financially unles...hmmm... I put my name in that lottery draw you talked about in an ealier post.

ORION said...

Oh now I wish we were going right back again next month!
I will never be jaded. As much fun as it was to read about our adventures it was a gazillion times better to do them in person!
Holly, Kim, MG and John ROCK!!!!!
oops now you know all the mystery guests!

spyscribbler said...

That sounds like a blast! Thanks for sharing it.

Carole in WPG said...

*face drops into hands*

You saw Wicked on Broadway?!
That would be, like, my all-time one-time dream-come-true thing to do in New York. Email me offline and tell me all about it, OK?

John Elder Robison said...

Did my photo make it home OK? I was afraid it might get damaged.


Check out your dragonfly on my blog, too!

Holly Kennedy said...

Oh, Kim, thanks for making me laugh. Jerry and George, huh?
Laverne and Shirley also comes to mind, dontcha think?!!!

Never, ever, have I EVER seen anyone spend more time painting their toenails -- not even one of my quirky fictional characters.
And in my room, no less. She would simply not go home. Said it was too cold. Said it was too quiet. Said it wasn't as nice. Any excuse to hang around in my room, right Pat!?

Then, and this will make you roar, Kim, on the last day, I go to HER ROOM for something and notice *GASP* that they've given her a freaking suite by accident, which makes sense when you consider how Pat's agent SENT A CAR FOR HER while one of my cabbies dropped me off SIX BLOCKS away from where I was going and left me in the dust, surrounded by bums :)

Holly Kennedy said...

John -- Yes, your photo made it through to Canada just fine; only one corner with a tiny crinkle in it. My boys loved it and argued about which one of them should have the right to hang it in their room, so I put it up in my office and now we can all enjoy it!

Thanks again. It's gorgeous.

P.S. I read your blog and saw your mate wearing her dragonfly. She's beautiful, as is the dragonfly. Whew! Now Pat and I can rest easy. You're on your way to future bestsellerville.


Holly Kennedy said...

Wordman17 -- Unless I have to, never again would I make the trip without arranging to do so with another author.

Kyla-dale -- the Lottery system works great, but even so, you can still get tickets for a pretty reasonable price. Don't rule it out if you're ever there.

Spyscribbler -- It was. Too bad someone doesn't arrange an annual NY get together for authors who need to let their hair down. That city would never be the same :)

Carole -- It was a great play.
I think, though, that it would be Pat's favorite and if pushed to choose, I'd lean towards Mamma Mia. Ooooh, how I loved Mamma Mia!

Kanani said...

Oh, I love these photos!
They make me laugh.....

Okay, so now that you and Pat have given us so much, here's something just for you.
(I hope Matty didn't see the pic of John eating. He won't hear the last of it).

Wendy Roberts said...

I have writer-bonding envy! I'm off to NYC in a couple weeks but wish I could've hooked up with your fun group!

Holly Kennedy said...

Kanani -- YOU make me laugh!
Loved the You Tube video :)

Wendy -- I must admit, never again will I make a trip to New York alone. Going with another author is a must. It's not as lonely and much more fun. They should have a NY authors club where groups sign-up and go quarterly, dontcha think?!! How's the writing going, by the way. I loved your new look on your website.

Danelle (reader from North Carolina) said...

I couldn't write a book if
someone put a gun to my head
but you guys make me want to
be an author just so I
could join you on one
of these trips!!! Ha! Ha!

Oh, and I LOVED The Penny Tree.
Can't wait for Silver Compass

Lisa R said...

I hope you loved Wicked and Mama Mia. Pat loved the music in Wicked and couldn't wait to see it again. I saw Wicked back in 2004 and loved it. I would never go back to New York without seeing at least one Broadway play. I know what you mean about dessert, I'd rather have salty than sweet any day.

Larramie said...

Trust me, even if you're not a writer, there's no place better to visit than NYC. Its energy recharges you, making all things feel possible!

The year will pass quickly, Holly, especially by reliving your memories.

Anissa said...

Sounds fantastic! You guys rock! Thanks for sharing the trip. :)

LadyBronco said...

What fun!
I love visiting NYC through both your and Pat's blog.

One day I will go there in person!

writtenwyrdd said...

Sounds like a great trip. And I think I want Pat's agent, lol.

Trish Ryan said...

That sounds fun and fabulous - thanks for giving us a peek into your awesome trip!

Demon Hunter said...

And I'm sure that much fun ensued, Holly!!! Great times! Congrats to you all! :*)