Wednesday, February 13, 2008

BC Book Fair + Fellow authors news

I just got back from the BC Book Fair in Victoria, an annual event attended by 50+ independent book sellers. It was a great trip... as long as I take out the part where I learned enroute that my identity has been stolen. But let's not go there!! Let's stick to a post about books so I don't blow a gasket...

I came home from the book fair with a dozen ARCs of upcoming novels and a few spring/summer catalogues.

Flipping through one, I was thrilled to see that Kristy Kiernan has her 2nd novel coming out in August 2008 so mark your calendars and watch for Matters of Faith everyone!

Beyond that, Therese Fowler's debut, Souvenir, came out across North America yesterday. Therese was kind enough to send me a copy and although I haven't read it yet, I'm looking forward to starting it this weekend. It's been sold in numerous foreign countries, was chosen as a Book Sense Notable, and is creating a lot of industry buzz!

On a final note, I also stumbled across a gorgeous two-page spread in Berkley's catalogue promoting Patricia Wood's June 2008 paperback release of her debut Lottery.

NOTE: I'm having ZERO luck with Blogger adding links to this post, so I give up. Instead, scroll down my sidebar and check out blogs and websites for Therese Fowler, Patricia Wood, and Kristy Kiernan.

Ladies, you rock! I hope the author highway continues being kind to you, and I also hope you're able to hang onto your identity along the way :)


Adam said...

Sounds like a tough couple
of days. Here's hoping the
rest of 2008 rains gold
down on yah.

wordman17 said...

Holy crap Batman.
That sucks (the identity thing)
I envy yah the ARCs though.
I woulda taken a spare

Therese said...

Identity theft?! Oh no!

And yet you still have the grace to share news on my book and the others--you, my friend, are a saint!

I hope your troubles are or will be cleared up without more stress.

Victoria said...

Oh, no!!! That's awful.
You poor thing. I'd find it tuff to focus on books in your position.

(I loved Lottery and now I shall go out and pick me up a Souvenir.)

kyla-dale said...

That's crazy. I've heard of
identity theft but you're the
first person I know that it's happened to (not that I really know you...yanno)
Bummer. Sorry to hear this!

Chumplet said...

How was the weather in lovely Victoria? The identity thing - yikes! I hope you get the sucka.

So many lovely books... so little time.

I left you a little something on my blog.

Kristy said...

Oh, wow Holly! I am so osrry, I hope it gets cleared up soon. The idea of it just horrifies me :-(

And thanks for, in the midst of your own crisis, posting about Matters of Faith! I haven't even seen the catalog yet, so I'm very jealous.

Demon Hunter said...

Great, Holly. I wish I had ARC's. I only have one so far. I'm jealous. Sounds like great books too! :*)

Melissa Marsh said...

Ohhh...identity theft. What a PAIN. I hope you catch the crook!

Ramona said...

Since I began blogging and found out what ARCs are *lol* I now go green with envy when someone tells me they managed to snag one in advance of a book's release date.
Eeek. I have ARC envy!!

But I sure don't envy yah that
identity theft trubble.

Carleen Brice said...

Holly, Thanks for stopping by my place. TOTALLY understand about deadlines, but I'm very glad to learn of your blog. I'll add you to my links and be back soon! I also need to check out your books!

Trish Ryan said...

Your post is one of those, "It was the best of times/it was the worst of times" moments. Here's hoping the ARCs bring you happiness while the issues around your identity theft are sorted out with miraculous ease!

Larramie said...

*sigh* Now for all the hassle of getting your life back, hold on tight, Holly.

OTOH, another beautiful book cover from Kristy...can't wait to read what waits for us on the pages.

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

dianne said...

Horrible stuff! I'm sorry to hear this. But I sure enjoyed hearing you speak at the BC Book Fair.
Best wishes with your upcoming novel, The Silver Compass.

Dianne Larson

ChristineEldin said...

Oh, that's a nightmare. I hope you can clear this up quickly. At least you discovered it before years went by. That's a good thing.
Still sucks. And I thought it was getting harder to do that sort of thing. When I went to have my driver's license replaced (I lost mine during a move) I had to show all sorts of proof of who I am. Much more than just a year ago.