Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Calumet City an amazing 'debut novel'

This business comes packed with more rejection than the average person faces in a lifetime, unless you sell vacuum cleaners door-to-door, cause I know someone who does and that's another job where there's a lotta door slamming going on.

That said, when a debut novel is creating buzz those of us in the business realize there's a good chance the author who wrote it has half a dozen manuscripts under his/her bed that have never been published, which is good news for readers, because it means they're about to read a 'debut novel' from a talented author on the rise who not only writes like a dream, but is probably business savvy and has battle scars from years of rejection to prove he/she can stay the course.

Charlie Newton is one of those writers.

We started our writing careers in the same classroom seven years ago. Charlie writes noir fiction, the kind you read with the lights on and a baseball bat next to you. He's also written eight novels in eight years, and after a whack of steady rejection on every level, his eighth -- considered his debut novel -- is being released March 4th. It's called Calumet City and yes, it is as good as the reviews below say it is.

Here's his website and when you buy his book, you might wanna buy one of those baseball bats, too!

"Readers are likely to need a day off work after finishing Newton's breakneck debut—they'll have been up all night. Those who relish tortured heroines, unrelenting intensity, and full-throttle races through urban minefields will snatch this one up." —Booklist (starred review)

"The best cop noir in years..." —Lee Child, NYT bestselling author

"Newton's debut novel is a galloping ride from first page to last." —Kirkus Reviews

"In Newton's searing debut, Patti Black, Chicago's most decorated cop, gets caught in a web of murder and betrayal. Newton, who based his heroine's character on a real Chicago police officer, creates a netherworld full of violent and duplicitous people." —Publishers Weekly

"Couldn't put it down. Newton's one hell of a writer..." —Jonathan Eig, senior special writer for The Wall Street Journal


Adam said...

I'll read anything so long as the story is a page turner, but I do like noir so I'm sold. Thanks for pointing this one out!

wordman17 said...

Eight novels in eight years?!
No way could I do that and keep going. Is it really that bad out there folks???

G. Delaware said...

You and Charlie may not remember me but I was in the same class with you in Maui. Molly Giles taught and nobody was happy with her instruction, remember?

I was 68 then. I'm no longer writing my romantic war-time tales but I do like the internet and all the blogs out there. How lovely to see you and Charlie doing so well.

Georgia Delaware

Ramona said...

How disheartening that he had to write 8 novels before he finally got published!!!

I've heard how hard it is to get published and I don't think I'd have the moxy to stay the course. I guess you really gotta love it, huh?

spyscribbler said...

Definitely, there's an upside to novels under the bed. You only have one chance for a debut, you know? Pray let it be with some of your best work, not your first, inexperienced try.

Chumplet said...

It's so nice to hear of a struggling author's success after so many years of learning and growing and perseverance.

BTW, that outline looks like the one my co-workers put on the carpet after Debbie the Classified rep tripped over her headphone cord.

Larramie said...

I've already heard the buzz and seen this novel "advertised," Holly.

Victoria said...

My hubby loves noir fiction.
Elmore Leonard is one of his favorites. So I shall make certain to pick a copy of this one up!

kyla-dale said...

I don't like violent novels but I do find your friend's story very inspiring. I hope he does well in the future now that he's finally published.

ORION said...

I think this is really good to hear. LOTTERY is my third novel - I think I even have a couple more half finished novels buried in my drawer too. Each novel is your tuition.
The more you write the more you understand how to write.
My husband already has this one earmarked to buy!

M. G. Tarquini said...

I think this is a great story, Holly. Be interesting to know how many novels 'debut' novelists have hiding in the closet. I think it would surprise people who are just getting into the business.

Daniel said...

Most people would give up and quit, don't you think?

I sure couldn't hack writing 8 books and then finally getting published. It would kill my spirit and i think i'd get pretty jaded

ChristineEldin said...

Wow! I will definitely look for this one!!
Thanks for the rec!

Kim Stagliano said...

Great cover! Congrats, Charlie.

Therese said...

Kudos to Charlie for dogged perseverance and great reviews!