Friday, April 6, 2007

Balancing Easter with everything else...

Today is Good Friday, but
I have been so busy that I didn't even realize this until yesterday when one of my boys said, "We're having a big family Easter dinner Sunday, aren't we?"

Are we? I thought, feeling my spirits lift.

I turned around and he and his brother were staring at me -- expectantly -- and that's when it hit me. Having Easter dinner would require a chef and that chef would be me. "We're coloring eggs, too, right?" my 8 yr old asked, shooting me a look that said, You aren't gonna say you're too busy writing, are you?!!

It's been a busy week. My 2nd novel, The Penny Tree, went
out on Tuesday, and along with that comes a whole host of other issues -- interviews, emails and phone calls from my publicists (one from the US, another from Canada), ads being placed in newspapers, last minute readings being scheduled, invitations getting mailed, the creation of promotional flyers
for mail drops, etc. Of course, it's all good stuff, but it can also be a stressful balancing act. For example, next week, I'm driving up north to do two readings in my home town. Then, when I get back, I'm off to Chicago and Winnipeg and...

And in the meantime, I'm continuing to work on my third novel, The Silver Compass, which I just found out has been scheduled for publication a year from now in April 2008.

I've had three golden ideas come to me this week when it comes to the story, all of them epiphany-like as they cross the finish line in my mind as essential; the sort of ideas that will add to the book's depth and poignancy. I'm dying to start writing these scenes, but I can't yet -- at least not until tomorrow after the eggs are colored any my kids are in bed and the Easter Bunny stops by to put out the foot-high chocolate SpongeBobs (whew) she bought at the last minute for Easter morning.

Now I just have to figure out how to fit in cooking dinner for eight on Sunday night (my brother just phoned and invited himself). Have a great Easter everyone!


Therese said...

I'm excited for your new ideas...though it's clear your life right now is the equivalent of juggling knives and scarves and bowling pins and flaming arrows!

(BTW, I have THE PENNY TREE right here...and though my local B&N didn't have copies yet, Borders did, and I moved all but one copy to the "New Paperbacks" table! Left one on the shelf so that someone looking for it there would find it!)

Happy Easter to you and yours. :)

wordman17 said...

Wish I could join your
Easter dinner. I'm planning a
trip to my local IHOP between
jobs -- then two days free to
write write write. Yesssss!!

Have a good Canadian Easter.

Larramie said...

Have you ever realized, Holly, that the busier you are the more creative you are as well?

Since everything always works out for the best, everything will. While you're waiting, though, have a wonderful Easter!

Melissa Marsh said...

Happy Easter, Holly! My daughter just got to color eggs this afternoon (i was taking a nap because of a bad headache, but thankfully, my sis-in-law had things under control!).

Now I'm off to order The Penny Tree from B&N!

kyla-dale said...

I picked up my copy of Penny Tree
two days ago and I'm 3/4 done. Annie's driving troubles are
hilarious. Love her mom.
The ads are great, too. Can't
wait to see who put them in.
So far, so good though
have a nice Easter dinner :)

Karen said...

Sounds like you need an administrative assistant :O):o) :o)
Happy Easter Holly to you and the family!

Gina from Santa Fe said...

Happy Easter Ms. Kennedy

Some of the most amazing creative bursts happen when I'm under this sorta pressure. This said *sigh* from a brilliant and as yet unpublished author :(

Wendy Roberts said...

It can be a real challenge balancing mom obligations with writing. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

Holly Kennedy said...

Oooh, Therese, thanks for doing that! My brother is now on the case up here in Canada as well.
Every little bit helps!!!

Wordman17 - IHOP for Easter?
You poor guy!

Larramie, I KNOW you're right. Sadly, I do my best writing under pressure and when I'm about to 'blow my top'

Melissa, you're such a great supporter. Thanks a lot.

Kyla-dale - glad you're enjoying it. Hope you'll like it enough to come back for more next year when The Silver Compass comes out.

Karen, I miss you as my administrator BIG TIME. If I win a huge lotto, get your family packed up cuz I'm moving yah to the Rocky Mountains!

Gina from Santa Fe - Thanks for popping by. Couldn't agree more.

And Wendy, how nice to have you comment as well. :)

I hope you all have a great Easter!