Monday, April 2, 2007

The Penny Tree has arrived...

Okay, everyone! As of
today, The Penny Tree is now available at B&N, Borders, Chapters/Indigo, through Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, online at Amazon, or at your local book store. Sorry Canada, you might be a few days behind the U.S. It seems this is often the case. (If you're in my home town of Athabasca, Alberta The Brew House should have them out by Thursday).

Whew! What was once the germ of
an idea evolved into a story that was tugged and smoothed and formed into a novel that got rewritten five times and retitled twice ... and now it's finally making its way into the hands of readers across Canada and the U.S.
I really hope you enjoy reading it.

Note to book clubs: Check my website April 9th to find out how you can have me join you via phone when your group hosts The Penny Tree!


Melissa Marsh said...

Oooh! Congratulations, Holly! Next chance I get, I'm off to Barnes & Noble to pick this up!!!

Anissa said...

Congratulations! I'm picking it up today. :)

kyla-dale said...

I picked it up last night at B&N
and IMHO it's gorgeous!!!

I'm going to read it and pass
it to my mom. :)

Friend from Wpg said...

I am so proud of you, Hol
that I had to stop lurking and
post a comment ... I'm all
choked up *sappy girl*

Two books. I'm shaking my head.
Can't wait to see where you
are 5yrs from now.

Blur said...

So, I guess this is my weekend project?? So much for snowboarding.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Holly! I'm in Canada, so I'll have to content myself with stalking Chapters & Indigo until it arrives...

Tish Cohen

wordman17 said...

Congratzie on the release
of The Penny Tree -- must
feel darned good.

I'm not into women's fiction
but I really liked Tin Box.
YOu've got a magical quality to your stories that makes yah stand out from the pack!!

With admiration.

Friend from A-Town said...

Congrats, Girlfriend. I can certainly see why each book launch must feel like letting go of a much-loved child. There's certainly a mixture pride, relief and a touch of sadness. Hope to catch up with you next week at your readings here.

Karen said...

YAHOOOO!! CONGRATULATIONS HOLLY!!! Book # 2, I'm so happy for you! I pre-ordered mine a few months ago so I am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I was going to go out tonight to pick up a copy of the April 10th Women's World magazine...are you still featured in it in this edition? HAVE A GREAT DAY HOLLY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Doubleday Book Club member.
I just got my April flyer.
Have you seen the fancy spread they gave PEnny Tree?!

Very kewl. I ordered a copy cause I've been lurkin on your blog and have grown curious.

Big reader from New Jersey

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I'm going to go and pick it up after work. Can't wait to read it. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I bought it 1 week early
*woo-hoo, woo-hoo*
from a B&N store in Provo, Utah.
Wonderful story. I had my suspicions about WHO was running the ads and was almost right!

I teared up twice
and then I gave my hubby a big hug! What a good man.

Dianna Kruger

ORION said...

yeah!!! HOLLY!

Holly Kennedy said...

Thanks for all of your
congrats everyone!

I'd heard about a few 'early copies' being purchased from
emails to my website. Oh, well.
What can you do?!

Susan Wiggs told me about the
spread in the Doubleday Book Club
flyer - I haven't seen it yet.
She's such a sweetie that she's mailing me hers, though!

adrienne said...

Yay congrats! How exciting! Though I am in Canada, so I guess I'll have to wait a few days before finding it in my local indigo.

Mazel Tov!

Anonymous said...

I got it the day before yesterday and finished it last night.
Great story.
I sure see growth with
your writing on this book!!
Cant wait for Silver Compass now.
When will it be out?

Jayne Ritner (Ottawa)

Larramie said...

Congratulations, Holly. I may be a day late but still excited for you!

anne said...

I'm on my way to purchase from Borders.

Two Borders stores near me in suburban Chicago.One has five copies to arrive any day. The other has six copies just in. My closest Barnes & Noble had not ordered.(Boo!)

Melissa Marsh said...

I am SERIOUSLY bummed. I just went to Barnes and Noble and they DID NOT HAVE your novel!!! I was going to read it on my vacation this weekend!

LadyBronco said...

I got it, I got it!

I am so looking forward to reading it this weekend!

BTW...the cover is even more beautiful in person, IMHO. :0)

Jess Riley said...

Aaaaahhh!!!! I am buying it immediately. Can't wait to read it!

Writer on Board said...

Congrats, Holly! I'll be picking up my copy.

Mia King said...

Holly, congrats, congrats! i am off to the bookstore today!

Jenny Rough said...

Congrats! Saw your funny comment on Kim's blog...looks like I'm the 24th comment over here. Oh well.

Jenny Rough said...

I meant Jess's blog. Whatever. I get totally lost in the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon this today at Indigo in Toronto, and I only had to sit and read a few pages before I knew I wanted to read the whole thing.

Looking forward to enjoying it, altho I hope that somehow it doesn't end..!