Sunday, April 29, 2007

Okay, so who won the "comment to win" copies of The Penny Tree?!

Last week, I announced a blog contest to give away 3 copies of The Penny Tree and was I ever impressed with how many people entered -- there were 51 comments and 56 entries, including a few who normally lurk. Thanks for participating everyone. Yesterday, my sons drew these winners:

1. Heidi the Hick
2. Larramie (Seize a Daisy)
3. Doris Boychuk

Congratulations you guys.
If you haven't sent me your snail mail address, could you do so and I'll make sure to autograph them for you and get them in the mail sometime this week?


wordman17 said...

Damn! I so thought I was
gonna see my name on this
winner's list.

When's the next contest!?

Heidi the Hick said...

Man, I never win anything and I feel so smug and giddy right now. Yep. Smug and giddy, in the same person!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Congrats, winners!

Larramie said...

Although I've already thanked you, Holly, please thank
your boys for my good fortune!

Also, wherever do you find such clever pictures? The mouse attached to the gift box is beyond clever, I love it.

Holly Kennedy said...

Heidi and Larramie, I'm so glad you were two of the winners. :)
My boys get such a kick out of these little 'contests' because I let them 'run them' so to speak.

At my upcoming reading May 11th near Bragg Creek, they're running a contest where attendees will enter their names to win tin boxes inside tin boxes (2) a first print editor hardcover of the tin box and 3 autographed copies of The Penny Tree. Keep in mind, there will be over 50 people in attendance so we're serving coffee and all kinds of baked goodies. My family really gets into it (thank God I don't do the baking, though -- that's left up to my mom!!)

Oh, and the photos I usually pick up at STOCKXPERT where I buy 20 at a time for $20. I love adding cool photos :)