Thursday, January 10, 2008

Trouble reading regular print? No worries

Quick update before the weekend: Earlier this week, I learned sub-rights for The Silver Compass have been sold to Doubleday Book Club and the Literary Guild, and both plan to promote it as a Featured Alternate in their April & May issues.

They also bought sub-rights to my first two novels, so I'm thrilled they picked this one up as well.

Beyond that, Doubleday plans to publish it in "large print" in May 2008 (which they also did for The Penny Tree), so if you're one of those readers who can't read regular print, or you know someone who has this problem and would like to get them a copy, here's a solution for you.


Demon Hunter said...

That's great, Holly! You must be so excited. Too cool! :*)

Ramona said...

I think it's wonderful to see books out in large print. There are so many people who have trouble with this.


Melissa Marsh said...

Wow, Holly, this is awesome news! Congrats!

kyla-dale said...

I might order a copy from Doubleday in large print then cuz I'm having a tough time with my eyes these days. Great news!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Sweet! That's awesome news, Holly!

The Anti-Wife said...

Being old, this is great news. The really small print gives me headaches.

Adam said...

Lucky you. Playing with
the big fish again, huh?!
Don't those clubs only buy
bestsellers or up-and-comers?

Nadine said...

I think this is great.

I'm a member so now I can buy
my mom a copy (I lent her Penny Tree and she loved it -- my bad. Must support authors by buying copies of their books, right?)

wordman17 said...

Here the hiss of that beer cap being popped off? I'm hoisting one in your honor. Great stuff.

Larramie said...

And the good news continues to roll in. Cheers to you, Holly!

ORION said...

I love large print.
And the book clubs are very nice.
yeah holly!
Holly's counting down.
58 days until Pat descends on Canada LOL

John Elder Robison said...

That's all good news.

I'm surprised by the low demand for large print books, though. I know there are lots of older readers, but my own large print edition is 1,700,000 on Amazon.

Maybe it's selling somewhere else?

And you can say hi to the Canadian bears for us, too.


Victoria said...

Very nice news!
I have to admit, I cannot wait to read your third one.

dianne said...

Does one have to pay a fee to join these book clubs up front?

Dianne from Nevada

Andy Scontras said...

Aloha Holly!
Will they print one for the hard of hearing?


Andy Scontras

Holly Kennedy said...

Thanks for your gushing kudo responses, all! I appreciate the support.

Adam -- Up-and-comers. Hmmmm, I like the sound of that for sure! Let's hope so.

Wordman17 -- Are you drinking and writing again? If so, isn't it hard to "steer the craft" through such a haze?! (just kidding)

For those who don't, you should pop by Larramie's blog and check out her posts. She is unfailingly supportive of authors and writers across the map. Some of us call her "Daisy Girl" (for obvious reasons)

Orion - You're (gulp) coming to Canada that soon?! Note to self: Must clean cobwebs from the guest room!

Holly Kennedy said...

John -- Nice to see you. I've missed having you pop by.

I've wondered the same thing, so maybe it is book clubs that sell most of the large print. However, that said, yours should STILL be a heckuva lot higher up on the counter than that. Woof!

LURKERS, take note:
John Elder Robison is the author of Look Me in the Eye, which became an instant New York Times bestseller when it debuted in Sept/07. Slip over to his blog & read a few of his posts. Then go buy his book, if you haven't already. It's fantastic!

Holly Kennedy said...

Dianne -- I believe you have to buy something like 5 books over a period of two years or something, but the intial "fee" is minimal. When I joined it was $4.95 or something like that.

Andy -- I hear you've been getting some big-time agent bites! Good for you.

As for a "hard of hearing version" do you mean an audio book with a super-amplified microphone built in for old-timers wearing flip-flops who're half deaf from being a pilot for years... like yourself??! LOL

Nice to hear from you. I hope all is well in Hawaii and good luck with that agent contract!

ORION said...

I can vouch for the fact Andy is alive and well as Gordon and I just had dinner with him and his wife Lisa tonight!
You GO Andy-- Oh and he definitely needs large type.