Sunday, January 13, 2008

Super-organized book club

On Friday, I talked with a book club from Minneapolis for over an hour. This group was organized! (ie., before we got down to business, they set up another call for early May to discuss The Silver Compass.) Then, after talking about both of my novels, I answered a list of questions they'd faxed me days before. Here are a few for fun:

A bad habit you'd like to fix?
Interrupting when someone else is talking.

One-hour massage or one-hour shopping excursion?
The massage. Hate, hate, hate shopping.

What you have no patience for...
People with a sense of self-entitlement. Nothing bugs me more.

What are your favorite writing tools?
1) Writers Digest Flip Dictionary
2) Target "Biggie Notepads"
3) Montblanc pen
4) Espresso

Favorite indulgence?
Barefoot Venus Mustard Bath, hands down. If you've never tried this stuff, you must!

Best movie you saw last year?
Little Miss Sunshine.

Most watched DVD by your family?
I would have to say it's a tie between Bye-Bye Love with Paul Reiser & Randy Quaid or Jumanji with Robin Williams.

Read any books twice over the past 12 months?
Yes. The Girls by Lori Lansens.

Thank you Alana, Debbie, Rita, Dora, Florence, James, Sharon, Maria and Tammy. Oh, and congrats to Willa who won her own silver compass as well as a copy of my upcoming novel. It was great fun talking with you guys!


ORION said...

You never told me about the mustard bath!

Demon Hunter said...

Sounds like a wonderful book club, Holly! :*)

Wendy Roberts said...

What great questions!!

Adam said...

I myself probably wouldn't like the mustard bath, but I'm with yah on the no shopping!

kyla-dale said...

So funny! My sister loves
that mustard bath stuff. She
puts it on her Christmas list every year and I have to
go find it.

Chumplet said...

Is the mustard bath just for feet or would I have to immerse my whole body in it like a giant bratwurst?

I have a bad habit of trying to finish other people's sentences. I guess I have no patience for them not talking fast enough.

Ramona said...

Hmmmmm... I'll have to hunt
some of this mustard bath
powder down!

wordman17 said...

A woman after my own heart
cuz yah don't like to shop.
How rare is that?!!

Trish Ryan said...

That sounds fun! Although I'm having trouble imagining the mustard bath? Perhaps it's the honey-mustard chicken that's simmering in our crock-pot right now...

Ello said...

Wow! I feel out of my depth here among real writers! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I am so in awe of your blog here! I'm going to run out to get your books and pop by to learn!

Church Lady said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
(All of your friends here are familiar faces. I feel like a secret portal has opened, and I'm witnessing a very nice party!)

Your books look fanastic. I now have a bookshelf that is beginning to fill with books written by people I've met online. I'll buy yours when we come back from Dubai (or, maybe they will be there. I'm curious. Last year when we were there, Borders Books stocked mainly UK stuff)

I'm going to link you as "Mustard Bath" So cool!


Victoria said...

Fun stuff!
I keep bugging my book club to set up a chat with you when Silver Compass comes out, but there's only five of us and the other four women are so nervous about it!!

Larramie said...

This post all but confirms my observations from other writer's/author's posts that you -- as a collective group -- DON'T like to shop...except for books. How interesting.

Holly Kennedy said...

Orion (aka Pat) -- I never told you about the mustard bath because you live on a boat, remember? No tub, therefore no need for this fantastic let-me-soak-in-it-for-a-few-hours.

Chumplet -- Hmmmm, I wonder if this affliction (finishing other's sentences -- which I do as well -- and interrupting) is a 'writerly trait'?! Maybe we should poll. If so, that'd be good news. I've always thought it was just my grand impatience stepping up to the plate.

Trish -- It's called a musard bath of sorts, but in actuality it's just this yummy deep soak with a eucalyptis/mustard smell to it (sp?). If you ever see a can, pick some up!

Holly Kennedy said...

Ello -- Thanks for coming by!
And thanks for your support as well.

Church lady -- Welcome to the party. I, too, have a wobbly TBR pile of books from authors I've met online. Now I just have to work my way through them!

Victoria -- Oh, no! Tell them not to be nervous. Trust me, I do most of the talking anyway, so there's certainly nothing to be nervous about. Email and we'll set up a date for your club.

Larramie -- Maybe we should poll this trait as well? (see above). I hate shopping, always have, but didn't realize other writers felt the same way. Interesting.

Bug said...

MontBlanc Pen! Do you still have the one you almost mailed (remember it got taped to an envelope) LOL....ahhh memories!

Holly Kennedy said...

OMG, everyone! Bug stopped by my blog! This is a fall-over-first. You see, Bug is the nickname I gave her when she was my assistant and I was the branch manager of a computer training company!

This is the girl who laughed when I lowered my guard, allowed myself to be vulnerable, and told her I wanted to become an author seven years ago...

She truly did think I was joking but even so, it didn't hurt our friendship and now I get to tease her about it!

Until now, however, she's been a lurker. *big bow from my end*

Welcome to bloggerdom, Bug!!!