Monday, January 28, 2008

How to capitalize on a major cold snap

Unreal. Including the windchill, today it was minus forty-six below. Schools were closed, buses weren't running, and my office quickly became a daycare. Tomorrow they're predicting a repeat, only possibly even colder.

Hmmmmm... One day I can live with, but two? I think someone should strap Rambo-style winter tires on those school buses, throw in a few space heaters, get creative, and turn this into a learning experience!

Give our kids each a thermos of hot soup, zip them into ski-doo suits, and take them on a field trip to pass out blankets to the homeless. That way they'd learn an important lesson about empathy and maybe I'd get some writing done. *smile*
Here's hoping it's warmer where you are!


Janet said...

:o) Yes, it's considerably warmer here, but the water main is broken, so we're buying bottled water and scooping snow off the front lawn to melt for toilet-flushing. Roughing it, city-style.

I remember 40 below. I can't say that I miss it. Although it was certainly effective at keeping earwigs and slugs away...

Ramona said...

Holy crap! FORTY SIX BELOW??!!

I'd be on my way to Florida until that cold snap fades. (BTW, nice idea, giving blankets to all the homeless; betcha it would be a life changing experience for most kids)

ORION said...

I know. it's been SOOO cold here at night...It got down to 71
I had to wear socks.

Melissa Marsh said...

We had a gorgeous day yesterday - almost 50 degrees. Complete turn-around today - we're in a winter storm warning and have gusty, chilly winds blowing. We're looking at minus temps with the wind chill.

Stay warm!

Wendy Roberts said...

Holly, I truly feel your pain!!! I've got 4 kids home for a snow day. Of course, it only got to a bone chilling -5 here in BC but it snowed and that makes everything skid to a stop.

I plan to throw all the kids outside and lock the doors for a full hour so I can write. What you wanna bet they'll wanna come back inside within 5 minutes. Then go back out. Then come back in. *sigh*

wordman17 said...

Ugh! I don't envy you.
Hate bloody cold weather.
Give me Texas any day.

P.S. You got my name in that contest, don't you?!!

LadyBronco said...


And here I thought it was cold with the temp hovering around 15 degrees.