Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heart tugging post

It would be hard not to like Kim Stagliano. She's a tiny dynamo of a woman who takes on more every day with her three beautiful autisic daughters than many people could even begin to imagine. She's also a writer, a good one who can flatten you with a few well put paragraphs. Read her post from today and I'm sure you'll quickly find your heart in your throat just as I did.


kyla-dale said...

I check your blog every day
and I keep coming back because I never know what will be here. A picture of a moose, a story about you sleepwalking, something about your work as an author. And I always always like the photos. K.Stagliano is a good writer,
but so are you. You have such
a kewl voice that's inviting
and entertaining. Thanks for
your posts.

kyla-dale said...

I forgot to say
I don't have kids
but my sister has ONE and
all she does is complain
about daycare, etc. What Ms. Stagliano posted was very touching. I know I'm
a bitch, but I forwarded
her link to my sister!!!

Kim Stagliano said...

Oh my. Thank you.


Demon Hunter said...

My heart was in my throat too, Holly. I work with the Mentally challenged and Autistic populations through my job. I love it! :*)